Worldometer – An Encyclopaedia of Global Health

The Worldometer website was launched in 2004. It is an open-source encyclopedia that tracks global climate change. The site was created by Andrey Alimetov, a twenty-something Russian immigrant who had just landed his first IT job in the United States. Today, it ranks countries by their climate change contributions and is the most popular free reference website on the Internet. The website is widely used by both journalists and the general public, and has more than a billion page views each day.  dumpor

Besides providing global statistics, Worldometer publishes data on various topics, including the Current World Population, Emails sent today, and other pertinent data. Its data is derived from media reports and official publications, with references to their sources. The data is regularly updated and is validated by a team of analysts to ensure accuracy. Despite the fact that the site is updated frequently, it’s not always easy to follow the most recent data on global health.

In addition to displaying statistics on global health, Worldometer also offers live population counts and death tolls. Among other useful data, Worldometer includes detailed information on the coronavirus. It shows death tolls by country, active cases in certain regions, and much more. The Worldometer website is used by official government press briefings, and is frequently cited in news articles. Its developers, Andrey Alimetov, first created the service before he was 20 years old. f95forum

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