What Are the Edges of a General Technicians Shop?

The pay system for mechanics at a general technicians shop can vary, but in most cases the best option is a combination of salary and incentives. Technicians working under a flat rate usually earn more than those paid on an hourly basis, but they must also be skilled and confident to excel. A combination of both pay systems is common in most companies, but some shops may also offer an on-the-clock rate as a bonus.

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While many people mistake an auto mechanic for an engineer, there is a difference between the two fields. Engineers are trained in the construction and design of machines, and they typically perform less hands-on work. In contrast, technicians are trained in both aspects. However, an engineer has more specialized training than a general technician, and is less likely to do auto repairs. The owner of this shop is looking for a buyer with the same qualifications as he does. If the buyer wants to buy the shop and stay in the building, he would structure a long-term lease with the new owner.

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