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Mental Prosperity Programs in Prison

With the increasing size and mental illness representation of the incarcerated population, state and local officials are seeking solutions that meet Freshwap constitutional requirements, fit within a fragmented public system, and are affordable. The biggest challenge is determining how to finance these services. Prisons are notoriously expensive places to live, and public funding is unlikely to address the full spectrum of mental health care needs. What are the best solutions?

The answer is not straightforward. For one thing, investing in inmates’ mental health makes no sense from an economic or social standpoint. Furthermore, it can leave gaps in services once the inmate re-enters society. Such a disjointed investment Merdb strategy is irrational and ultimately results in a loss for everyone involved. A more appropriate strategy would be to look at mental health in community settings and to use scarce public funds to improve mental health outcomes.

A key element of these programs is the inclusion of family ties. These relationships can help inmates remain stable and increase their job prospects after prison. Additionally, they ease separation pain for the family members. In April Sportspress 2016, the BOP announced a series of family-friendly initiatives aimed at meeting these needs. These initiatives include mental health assessments and elibrary support services. These programs help inmates build stronger family ties, reducing recidivism, and improving employment prospects.

The Obama administration prioritizes these reforms and has enacted the Federal Interagency Reentry Council. The organization also supports the Fair Chance Business Pledge, which requires companies to hire formerly incarcerated individuals. A Codeplex third initiative aims to develop an employment database for formerly incarcerated individuals. The government is promoting mental health care through public funding, so this should be a high priority.

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