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Keep the Bugs Out With this Magnetic Screen Door

Home improvements can feel like a horrid anxiety-filled consideration. Your imagination can start overflowing with the financial calculations of how much you will be paying for hardware materials, manual labor, and new appliances. But not every upgrade in your home has to cost you a fortune and make you lose sleep at night worrying. One easy upgrade to consider is installing a retractable magnetic screen on your existing doors to get the added options of removing them and adding them back in at your leisure.

These retractable screen doors are a stylish way to customize your doors with a decorative entry door that is also able to benefit from a more secure and simple closure option. What are the ways in which getting this magnetic screen door can keep bugs and insects out of your home while also providing additional value at such an affordable price? Here are the answers that you are looking for.

Keep Pests at Bay

The technique that is involved in keeping pests away from the interior of your home that you need to take advantage of is using magnetic screen doors in order to not expose yourself to potentially dangerous substances such as bug sprays. This makes it possible for you to protect the environment by not thrusting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is a kid-friendly and pet-friendly way of keeping your family safer while being easy to set up, keep clean, maintain, and take down whenever you need to.

Allow Some Fresh Air In

Along with keeping bugs away from you while you are trying to relax inside your home, you will now have the freedom to keep your home ventilated with fresh air by being able to open up your doors during warmer months with the magnetic screen door as a barrier between you and the outdoor elements.

Without a screen in place, you would have to be outdoors all day in order to feel that soothing breeze and smell air other than that of the stuffy oxygen inside your home that can get dusty and musty with the doors locked up all the time.

Durability and Maintenance for Your Magnetic Screen Door

As the summer continues to move forward, you will continue to be enticed to enjoy the warm weather, even when you are inside your home. Retractable screen doors with magnetic latches optimize your continual use while also keeping out the bugs, debris, and damaging UV rays that can enter your home’s open doorways while still allowing you to keep your main doors ajar.

Even when your retractable screen doors aren’t in the process of being used, they get seamlessly retracted into a protective housing in order to keep them protected from potential damage and cold and warm weather to extend their life. Clean your screens with a mild detergent and water seasonally instead of using harsh chemicals which aren’t necessary.

All you have to do in order to install these particular magnetic screen doors is to measure your doorway beforehand in order to ensure that they will fit properly. As long as the measurement of your door is somewhere between 38 x 82 inches or less, you will have no problem installing them. The next step is to clean the door frame and then connect the magnets in the middle seam in order to close the screen door.

Finally, hold the screen door up towards the top of the door frame to make sure that it is able to be ¼ inch above the floor, then hang it onto wooden doors and the hook and loop tape for metal and aluminum doors. Instructions are included with your magnetic screen door if you need to refer to them for further help.

Enjoy the protection and privacy that can come from magnetic screen doors that can be customized to fit your personal home with a screen made out of polyester mesh and only weighing 10.4 ounces.

Picking Between Standard Sliding Doors and Magnetic Screen Doors

Standard sliding retractable screen doors are installed across the top and bottom tracks horizontally in order to open and close them in order to add mesh and maintain the integrity of your doors.

But by using magnetic screen doors instead, you can make use of the benefit of their magnetic strip that contains a powerful set of magnets that run vertically down the middle of the pair of panels of mesh. Now you will have a user-friendly and allows adults, kids, and even pets to merely walk through in order to open the retractable doors. The magnetic door can automatically attach itself back into place for appropriate closure instead of remaining open and having to be manually closed. This adds to the protection of your home from bugs, even when you are not around, and the door is getting used by someone else.

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