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Movie2k is a popular website where you can watch free movies. Its database is large, with over 80 countries represented. You can even browse movies by year of release. Unfortunately, the site was closed by the MPAA in 2013. This was the result of a high-pressure operation by the organization, which sent a letter to the United States House of Representatives and obtained a court order to shut down the site. Regardless of whether the site is back online, you should still have an alternative site in case the site goes down for good.

While Movie2k may look like a legitimate website, it’s not the best option. Despite the fact that it has a good list of movies, it’s worth noting that it will redirect you to other websites. This site is also a big source of malware, so if you’re interested in free movies, Movie2k is not the best choice. Fortunately, the free service also offers many other benefits.

The Movie2k website is down due to a number of reasons. The website is hacked and may be operated by a group of individuals or a single individual. In some cases, the owners change the domain name and continue their illicit activities. It’s difficult to determine whether the site was running legitimately or not. But in most cases, Movie2k is still up and running and accepting large amounts of traffic. The site is a redirected domain, and a lot of money has been made from it.

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