How to fix foot odor

Rainy season is really messy right, but we can’t avoid it. The only way we can avoid it is by not leaving the house, but… it’s not always possible, right? Well, we have a duty to do. Some people go to school Some people go on errands. some go to work when it rains, it makes things more humid especially with our shoes Of course, leaving the house to run errands, hardly anyone wears slippers, of course, this is what makes the unpleasant smell of feet come out, but everyone don’t have to worry about it. because we have a good way to tell each other There will be something interesting, let’s see.

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1. Always clean your feet and toenails.

Many people are so interested in their fingernails that they often forget their toenails. The toenail is another point that when they turn to notice, they are black. There is a lot of dirt in the corners of the nails that need to be brushed off, and some people leave them until their toenails grow long. And to reduce foot odor, you need to cut your nails often and wash your feet every day. Both when waking up and before going to bed at all. Wash it while taking a shower. Anyone who has a scrub brush or polishing stone can use it to scrub. I can assure you that by doing just this, our foot odor will be reduced. Because the bacteria die smoothly.

2. Soak your feet in warm salt water.

Actually, there are many ways to deodorize feet. We will soak your feet in salt water, lemon juice, alum, mouthwash, etc. But the easiest way, not difficult to find, easy to make yourself quickly, is water mixed with table salt. Take 2-3 tablespoons and soak for 15 minutes. If anyone has a foot scrub, it would be great to use it as well. The dead skin cells will come off. Now our feet will have less unpleasant smell anyway. If anyone uses this method and still doesn’t see results, it is recommended that mouthwash mixed with water soaked for 10-15 minutes will also help. It’s also not dangerous.

3. Clean socks and shoes.

Shoes if they are self-washable fabrics. It is recommended to wash it often for 1-2 weeks once. But if the shoes are leather, you need to find a shop to wash them maybe once a month. But the solution that doesn’t need to be washed and can reduce the smell is to put it in the sun. And do not forget to notice that our shoes can be exposed to the sun or not. Some brands, if exposed to the sun, may cause the shoes to break as well. I need to be careful. The socks are washed and dried as usual. The best way to wash every day: Use it on any given day, let it dry out in the sun, and the odor and bacteria won’t bother you anymore masstamilanfree .

4. Use deodorant products.

There are many different types of deodorant products, both for use with shoes. use it with our feet or will have a spray There are many types of flour to choose from. These will help to stop the bacteria that causes foot odor. This is up to the person who is able to solve it at any point. If anyone sweats their feet quite a lot It is recommended to solve the problem on our feet first, wipe them dry, apply deodorant powder or spray. As for shoes, it is best to use a spray type. Injected from the night before using it. is to use a spray to spray it all over Set aside to dry overnight. This will make our shoes smell better. Plus, our feet are free from bacteria.

5. Use newspaper.

It would be difficult to get some charcoal to put in your shoes. Or during this period, there is not much sun as well. It’s even more difficult to put it out in the sun to let the smell subside. We have an easier helper than that. which is… That’s the newspaper. You don’t have to do anything difficult. Just take a crumpled piece of newspaper and put it in your shoes. After that leave it. You can leave it overnight. The more it helps They say it helps because the ink in the newspaper will help absorb odors. Or if anyone has a lot of budget, buying a shoe dryer is another good way. If our shoes are damp or worn all day put in the oven It will also cause these smells and moisture to disappear as well.

6. Prepare your shoes to change into the rain

This method is especially suitable for the rainy season when going to school or going to work outside. If you wear sandals, it will look untidy, right? But if you want to wear canvas or covered shoes out in the rain In addition the shoes will get dirty and mud stains. It also makes the shoes wet as well. The more wet the shoes The smell will only get stronger. So that our beloved shoes do not get wet. Feet don’t smell. It is recommended to wear sandals before going out. When you arrive at school or work, change into the shoes that you have prepared. But before wearing it, don’t forget to wipe your feet completely dry first. Otherwise, the smell will follow.

How are you doing? All 6 methods that we have deposited. Has anyone tried to use it? If anyone has used it and it works, please come and tell me. Or if anyone hasn’t tried it yet, let’s try it. We can assure you that all 6 methods are deposited here. I can definitely help. May not be able to help permanently like that, you have to keep doing it, but it’s really about the problem of foot odor. Sometimes there may be a matter of health too. If it doesn’t get better Suggest that you may need to see a doctor. Your doctor will be able to advise and help you fix the problem. These things can be treated. Don’t be afraid or worried

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