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How is the US Educational System Isolated From the Rest of the World?

Despite the efforts of education reform advocates, the US educational system is still isolated from the rest of the world. Despite the efforts of magnet schools and controlled choice, low-income black and Hispanic students in the ghettos of large cities are isolated from the middle class suburbs. Yet, there is a growing movement to resegregate schools. However, this movement has failed to achieve its goal of integrating all schools.

A number of state laws have made integration difficult. Seattle and Louisville school districts were prohibited by the Supreme Court from considering racial balance in their school systems. However, many people across the political spectrum accept Roberts’ terminology that segregation is constitutionally prohibited. That does not mean that segregation is necessarily wrong. Instead, it means that the US educational system is isolated in the eyes of most Americans. It’s a system that systematically discriminates against minority students.

In some states, students with disabilities have no choice but to be segregated. However, in Illinois, the state’s rules require that school employees observe the children in isolation rooms and write down incidents. Moreover, Illinois law allows school employees to segregate students if they pose a safety risk. However, this practice is illegal in several states, including New York. These rules are meant to protect children and make the educational system safer.

Despite the widespread racial and ethnic inequalities, the US educational system continues to be a model of social discrimination. This is the reason why many scholars have begun to consider the US educational system as a unique institution, replicating social inequality in society. Moreover, the instrumental purpose of market-driven education, he says, puts businesses in a key role in shaping the curriculum and purpose of education. And the result is that students are displaced to the status of token participants.


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