Are Lawyers in Regulation Depleted?

Is the legal profession depleted? Burnout is a common condition among attorneys, and lawyers are no exception. Burnout can lead to addiction problems, and missing personal time can be detrimental to wellness. A key sign of incoming burnout is chronic imbalance, and feeling guilty about it. These signs are the result of chronic stress, self-doubt, and inadequacy, which can affect one’s ability to function optimally in the workplace.

While the number of lawyers who are not yet exhausted is relatively small, those who are moderately or highly exhausted report signs of psychological distress. Twenty percent of moderately or highly exhausted lawyers indicated a desire to quit their jobs, while thirty-four percent of those who were completely depleted were expressing a desire to leave their jobs. Another symptom of exhaustion is taking action to delay projects. According to Gartner, high engagement is critical to reducing exhaustion.

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