Answering critical questions about bed bug infestation in Michigan

We all have heard stories of travelers who have suffered sleepless nights in hotels because of bed bugs. However, finding these pests inside your home can be disgusting and worrisome, and your best option is to call a reliable local exterminator. In Michigan, companies like Rove Pest Control offer free estimates, and you can rely on their teams for professional assistance. How do you know that there are bed bugs in your home? What are common methods for bed bug control? How to choose the right company? Below we have answered a few common questions.

What are the signs of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are most active at night, and you may wake up with bite marks on your body. You can also check for the bugs themselves or look for fecal matter. Bed bug eggs usually are visible in cracks and crevices and appear white. Blood marks and stains can be found on linens and sheets too.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

There are many steps that professional exterminators use to eliminate bed bugs. The first step is to do a detailed inspection, following which they determine the means and methods to tackle the infestation. This may include using monitors to find bed bug activity or setting traps. As far as extermination is concerned, options include using liquid chemicals and insecticides, vacuum removal, fungal treatments, cryogenics, and heat treatments. It is important to determine the type of pests you are dealing with, for which the initial inspection is extremely important. There are chances you are dealing with tropical bed bugs, chicken bugs, or bat bugs.

How to choose the right pest control company?

Firstly, consider a company that’s locally based and is licensed to work in your state. Also, the pest control company should have experience dealing with bed bugs and must have insurance. Besides liability insurance, which is a must, the company must also have insured workers as pest control is an inherently complex and challenging job. Ask the pest control company if they will offer an estimate and whether they offer a guarantee on the work. You may also want to check the reviews of an exterminator before you hire them for the job.

Because bed bugs are hardy and can thrive for months, you cannot rely on DIY measures alone. Get a professional exterminator and ask them about their methods and whether they take additional steps to prevent further re-infestation.

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